Productivité et efficacité!

Text Expanders

Web-Based (Chrome Extension): Auto Text Expander (Syncs between computers automagically!)
Linux: AutoKey
Mac OS X: TextExpander
Windows: AutoKey and Alternatives!

iOS: Go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Edit -> Add New Shortcut…
Android: The Google Keyboard For Android Supports Text Expansion, Here’s How To Use It

Clipboard Buffers

Web-Based (Chrome Extension): Clipboard History
Linux: ClipIt
Mac OS X: FlyCut
Windows: Alternative To…

See Also: Clipboard Sync (Syncs between computers with a click!)

Automating Email (with Gmail)

Canned Responses (Including a new Android App!)
Super Stars (for Prioritizing)
Priority Inbox
Boomerang for Gmail
Also: Visual Voicemail (and texts) with Google Voice
Forward Voicemail by Email

Going Paperless

Forms and Signatures

Activity: Getting Started with Chrome Extensions

Create a Google Account (if you need one)
Install Chrome (if you need it)
Sign Into Chrome (if you haven’t already…)
Install Extensions to Make You More Productive: URL Shortener – For more features, visit:
Session Manager
Awesome Screenshot
Google Cast
Send to Google Glass

Be More Productive with Collaboration

Create, Edit, Share, and Collaborate (in real time!) with online Documents
Use shared Calendars – Bonus: attach Google Docs (above) and include Google Hangouts (below)!
Video Conferencing and Desktop Sharing (Hangouts)

Note: See Also Open Source Software for Educators

Reflection Activity

How will you implement some of these tools in your workflow?
How will you share them with the students you serve?

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